Thankful for You this Season

Uncategorized Nov 25, 2020

Thankful for You this Season

A note from Kimberly Grigg

My dear reader, whether we've worked together on many projects or only just met, you are valued and appreciated. I smile when I see your name show up in my inbox. I look forward to our consults, our planning meetings, our wrap-up talks. I have been in business long enough to understand the importance of people like you to a business like mine.

When I first launched this business, I had no idea it would be where it is today. Yes, I worked hard. Yes, I pushed myself to every possible limit. Yes, I lost sleep over tight deadlines and big decisions.

....but none of that would have mattered if I didn't have each one of you. I call many of you my friends, and many of you call me your trusted confidant for all things regarding your home. I don't take that lightly, and I strive to have your continuted respect.

In a nutshell, I am thankful for YOU this holiday season!

To me, running this business is more than just a job. I find myself completely obsessed with each project and am determined to leave this world - and your space - a more beautiful place than it was before.

Life is too short to spend our days working in a field that doesn't elicit joy, and I'm blessed to say that I'm able to both give and experience joy on a daily basis, from project planning to installation and completion. I love seeing the look on your face when you walk into the space we've been working on... I love hearing the pride in your voice as you show it off to your tribe.

This is why I do what I do: So you can feel your best, and so you can find even more confidence.

Enough about me. How can I help you this holiday season? Do you need help decorating your home before family and friends come to visit? Are you trying to plan a home makeover (or room makeover) for the new year? 

I'm now booking holiday and new year projects. If you or your home need my assistance, you'll need to book me now. My schedule fills up quickly during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the months following.

I hope to see you on my calendar! Can't wait to help make your space reflect you.

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