Shabby Chic is more than just Pretty Pastels and Pieces from the Past

interior design tips Oct 19, 2020

Shabby chic living spaces thrive on openness, natural light, and shades of cream with pops of brighter pastels - think throw pillows, mismatched end tables, and white trim.

You might see a delicate chandelier hanging from a darkly stained plank ceiling. A rich ceiling blends well with wood flooring without being too matchy-matchy (a shabby chic no-no) while contrasting attractively with any stunning light fixture.

What makes shabby chic so popular is the flexibility of its interpretation. Depending on the size of your space and personal preference, you can fill your room with tiny details (think Victorian style) or space them out sparingly (think minimalistic style). Shabby chic bedrooms are anything but modern and everything but boring.

If you are considering this design style for your remodeled space, discuss with your contractor the possibility of keeping the original floors, walls, and ceiling. Depending on the quality and age of these materials, it might be possible. If not, ask your contractor and interior designer to help you find a similar product. Maintaining authenticity is key to capturing this soothing aura.

Mom or not, you already know the value of spacious, well-organized closets. Giving the closet a room of its own takes the bedroom from typical to whimsical. Simply add an adjoining bathroom and you'll have a full master suite. 

A carpeted closet with a combination of racks and shelving would leave space for an adorable sitting area. We envision a full-length mirror on the back wall and a sliding barn door (painted off-white and distressed) separating the closet from the bedroom beyond.

So, what's your take on shabby chic - love it or leave it be?



With a variety of weathered wood (typically reclaimed) and mismatched stain, a shabby chic dining room presents old world charm with an airy attitude. 



 Think galvanized containers with lovely bouquets of lavender. Greenery and flowers in rustic vases will add authenticity to any shabby chic room.

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