Last minute hosting tips to make the most of your holiday…


Last Minute Hosting Tips 
for mavens, mamas, and martini-drinking divas

Look at you. Adorable 

Now look at your house. Maybe not so cute? Perhaps not quite as holiday-ready? 

You aren't worried. You have a few days before the first batch of relatives arrive.

...until you get a phone call from Auntie. "What, you're coming early?"

Don't panic. You've got this. Here are two uncommon ways you can spruce up your home in less than a day, making it wow-worthy in a flurry.


Make a fabulous first impression with greenery and garlands. Available at most Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and Walmart locations.


Often overlooked (by you, not your guests), new bathroom linens can make a space feel fresh and new without doing much more than a good cleaning. We suggest replacing the bath towels, hand towels, rugs, and shower curtain with new pieces.

BONUS TIP: Replace any rugs in the foyer, hallway, or living area too.
  If you're in need of a bigger upgrade to your home, hit "reply" and get on my schedule before it fills up completely. See you soon!


Don't forget the garland
Fresh pine garlands can breathe life into any room for the holidays. They are both festive and fragrant!

Add them in doorways, as movement from room to room will release new wafts of the wonderful holiday pine scent.


Pick a theme and stick with it
When decorating for the holidays, it is easy to go overboard, taking your space from gorgeous to gaudy. Before you start decorating your home, pick a theme for the holiday season and keep it in mind throughout the house. Silver and gold or all-white are both great options for a timeless and clean look throughout your home.

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