Achieving Your Home Design And Decor Goals

design Sep 15, 2020

I truly do believe that the other parts of your life are much better when your home functions well for you and when you love the way your home supports you and your family.

So how do we achieve this?  Well, I say, let’s start with some meaningful goals when it comes to your living spaces.  The first; PUT YOUR GOALS IN WRITING! Here are some examples of good goals for your home spaces:


  1.  Declutter and get yourself organized.  If you are a pack rat then you might need to hire some assistance but the main thing is to get your spaces organized and I promise you your life will run smoother because of it.  Don’t be embarrassed if this isn’t your skill; instead, champion your efforts if you hire some help to not only help you become clutter-free, but you will also want to set yourself a goal of keeping yourself clutter-free.
  2. Stay organized. It is often said that getting yourself organized is the easy part but staying organized is the hard part.  I suggest you schedule organizational dates with yourself to refresh. I do this the last Saturday of the month and go through my problem areas (like my closet and my art supplies (where I admittedly am a hoarder) and straighten these areas back up.  It’s a mindset and when I schedule an appointment with myself (yep! It’s on my calendar!!!) then, I keep that commitment and voila, it’s easier to stay organized.
  3.  Refresh or complete my rooms, one by one.  If your home looks tired then commit to refreshing your spaces one by one.  Again, if this isn’t your zone of genius, don’t feel bad about it, simply hire someone (how about me?) to help you with this task.  Set a budget and tackle space by space. If you are not sure about a budget then, have your designer assist with this. The main thing is to complete your spaces individually for maximum impact and maximum enjoyment!  If you have never completed your spaces well then, by all means, do so. If there is a particular area of the design process that is hanging you up, well then, hire someone to help you. Often, it’s the finishing touches like accessories and window treatments that people don’t know how to complete.  No worries, this is a zone of genius for some of us and we are happy to share!!!!!
  4. COMMIT!  In a word, this is the important part no matter what your goals are for your home.  Commit to making your home all that it can be and all that it needs to be to support your life and the lives of your families.  Commit to making your home a priority. TO LIVE WELL is to BE WELL!


Two of my personal house goals include:


  1. Since I have redone my kitchen, I am all perched to cook for others and entertain family and friends!  I love trying new recipes and my new WOLF stove is the bomb and I can honestly say, you don’t even have to be a great cook to turn out some wonderful meals and dishes.  Stay tuned for some recipes especially if you like entertaining quality vegetarian meals…this is my zone of cooking genius!!!!!
  2. As many of you know, I recently lost my beautiful 4 legged furry friend, “Gatsby”.  I miss him so much and I know that sometime during this next year I will be getting another dog (yep, most likely a standard poodle!!!!, “MY breed” for sure!).  But I want to be well equipped and ready since most likely this will be a puppy. So, I want to install a doggie door off of my back loggia area. Because my doors are all glass and are a custom size, this won’t be a small feat.  So, I have to research various kinds of doggie doors and find a way to customize the door where it won’t leak but is user-friendly for a puppy but also for our 4-pound little tiny Yorkie (who is 11 years old and still not sure she is a dog, let alone, ever been exposed to a doggie door!).

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