5 Easy Tips To Use When Styling A Coffee Table

inspiration Oct 20, 2020


  1. Use a tray – This is key for beginner decorators. A tray forces you to use only the space provided and sets boundaries for decorative objects eliminating the need for “clutter.” Also, if you have a round coffee table, a square tray can make decorating so much easier.


  2. Keep it proportionate – I love balance — if you have one bigger, anchor item be sure to balance it out with a smaller item, or a longer item. But one side shouldn’t feel “heavier” than the other. Play with your display until it feels symmetrical.


  3. Play with textures– Put a beaded decorative object on top of a book. Use a textured vase or a candle with dimension. You don’t want it to feel sterile. You want it to feel like home.

  4. Use greenery –  Speaking of home, nothing is more welcoming than greenery. While I am not the biggest fan of faux plants, if done correctly this is a great place to put them. If not, changing out seasonal florals are a fun way to keep your centerpiece feeling fresh.


  5. Don’t over-do it – Less is more! When in doubt take an object away and see if it feels complete. Sometimes one less item is the key to perfection.

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