3 Reasons You Should Always Consider Custom Furniture

interior design tips Oct 05, 2020

Benefits of Luxury Custom Furniture

Style, Color, Pattern, & Usability for Your Life


"My furniture doesn't last more than a few years."


"I don't like any of the sofa or armchair options that I see in-store."
We've heard these comments (and many more) over the years, which is why we specialize in custom furniture. Whether you have a unique design need or want a heightened sense of style for your home, you'll find so many more ways to furnish your home through custom avenues.
If you're curious about selecting and ordering custom furniture and want more explanation as to what you can expect, keep reading.



"How will I know if it is comfortable if I can't sit in it first?" 
Because custom furniture can't necessarily be tested on-site, we completely understand this concern. To solve it, we attend interior design markets to personally test furniture from custom manufacturers. When assisting you with your furniture options, we select pieces based on your height, cushion support preferences, and your use of the piece (will you lie on the sofa or just sit on it?).



"How do I know if I will like it if I can't see it?" 
We carefully select the right pieces for your home and collaborate with you on the details and finishes. The goal of custom furniture design is to make each piece work with each other and with the entire space. This means we need to avoid "matchy-matchy" furniture that is often found in big box showrooms focusing on mixing various patterns, textures, and materials for a truly well-designed space.


"I can find cheaper furniture elsewhere."
Yes, you completely can, and you'll be limited to just a few colors and materials, all of which tend not to last more than a few years. With custom furniture, you have access to many finishes, detailing options, and thousands of fabrics - including performance options that withstand children, pets, and the messes they tend to create. We use design elements and principles to guide us in making these selections, ensuring that you won't be overwhelmed. You'll be inspired!


Curves are trending

Furniture with clean lines (think: mid-century) will always have our hearts, and we're also embracing furniture with soft curves. They lend warmth and personality to a room so effortlessly.


Flexible furniture ideas

We'll help you make long-term furniture design decisions that can be adjusted just by adding accessories. Transition from spring to summer (or from kid-proof to adult-worthy) in mere minutes..

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