3 Luxury Home Appliances

interior design tips Oct 26, 2020

3 Luxury Home Appliances

This is the stuff of dreams.

Whether you are in the planning stages of a new build or getting ready to renovate, you might be overwhelmed by the options available - for everything! While we can't narrow down your selections in one simple blog, we can certainly point you in the right direction in one small category: Your appliances.
Goodbye, ugly and boxy shapes. Hello, beautiful designs and unparalleled functionality. Meet our top three picks for luxury appliances. We hope they inspire you to dive deeper into the world of high-end home accouterments.



This speed convection oven by Viking bakes up to 80% faster than a traditional oven, plus it has a minimal and unobtrusive design that fits nicely inside the wall of your modern kitchen. Speed settings include grilling, roasting, and baking. The oven also comes with auto-start, refresh, and child-lock features, making it a real (and safe) workhorse for the busy family.
It works like a machine and tastes like a fast, homemade dinner. Click here to get all the details.



Air jet tubs from MTI Baths are a modern take on the whirlpool tub - and much more attractive. Cutting edge air jets provide a relaxing massage within a completely hygienic system. Air bubbles are pushed upward from the bottom of the tub while maintaining absolute comfort as you soak your troubles away. In doing so, the therapeutic blend of air, heat, and water improves your circulation and aid in detoxing your body from the various toxins you can't avoid throughout your day.
It's like having a built-in masseuse at all hours. Click here to get all the details.



The "new" medicine cabinet by Robern breaks the mold around what we've all thought medicine cabinets should be. Their innovative design offers in-mirror, dimmable LED lighting for the best visibility possible and USB ports for charging your devices as you get ready for your day. Robern's medicine cabinet also includes a built-in nightlight for midnight bathroom breaks and a defogger to keep things clear after your long showers. When not in use, the medicine cabinet appears as a simple, minimal mirror that graces your counter top.
It started as a luxury and now feels like more of a necessity. Click here to get all the details.


It must be beautiful

If your appliances must be visible in your kitchen, they must also be beautiful. Behemoth refrigerators have been replaced with sleek and colorful counterparts that fit seamlessly with your interior design plan. Appliances aren't afterthoughts. They are pillars of the design.


Conceal if you can

Much like Robern's medicine cabinet design, your other appliances shouldn't be screaming for attention. Rather, they should be unobtrusively ready to function while looking stylish. Bottom line: Have your appliances built into your design versus shoved into any available opening.

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